Wednesday, April 05, 2006

In the beginning there was.............

OK! I’ve decided to start writing this blog, to help others as well as myself understand the labyrinth that is the Forex market. After trawling the internet and asking for help in the many forums dedicated to the subject, I came to the conclusion that nobody really had the time to offer their help and thousands of pages on the forex only served to confuse the matter!

So - Why the forex market? Well after trying various online and offline investments, I became tired and uncomfortable with allowing people to have charge over my money. Banks weren’t really an attractive alternative ( 4% per year anybody? – no thanks! ) and, as a bit of a risk taker, I thought forex offered an attractive - but complicated - opportunity to increase my capital.

From time to time I may offer my thoughts on other investment opps’ as they make themselves known to me. But, by and large we will just be talking forex.

I shall be posting some of my trades here with explanations of why I entered the trade and why I closed the trade. If my techie skills will allow, I’ll also post the screenshots.

I’m intending to give some simple explanations on candlestick formations and will try to post as frequently as time allows.

Hopefully we can learn together. None of what I write here is intended as advice, and is only my understanding of the method and terminology associated with forex trading – So, please feel free to shoot down any of the reasoning I offer here on these pages. I’m a couple of months in now and I’ve made some money and lost some. But, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel............
..........Hopefully it is the light of understanding and not the oncoming train!


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